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Local Areas - Your Starting Point

Welcome to Sacramento - California State Capital, your starting point for adventures just a few miles in any direction.

The San Francisco Bay and Sacramento areas both have something for everyone. Whether you are one that likes a quiet stroll on a beach, the hussle and bussle of tourism, a great glass of wine, a unique beer experience or panning for gold, Northern California has it all.

Depending on the time of year and the recent weather, you can surf in the morning and snow ski in the afternoon. You can wake up to the smell of ocean air or the country aroma. From wine and beer tasting, major sporting events and anything else you can imagine, we invite you to book your attendance at the 2018 Air Force Security Forces National Meeting. Come early and stay late. AFSFA special rates are good days before and after the event.

You would not want to travel to Sacramento and miss visiting the California coast, the beautiful redwoods or the Gold Country. If you're retired military you can take advantage of reduced rate tickets by purchasing them through the Support Squadron at Travis AFB.

Major Sports Teams
    Baseball - Oakland Athletics, San Francisco Giants and Sacramento River Cats (SF Giants Triple-A Affiliate)
    Football - Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers
    Basketball - Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings
    Hockey - San Jose Sharks
    Soccer - San Jose Earthquakes
    College Sports - If you're interested in college sports, use the contact form and we'll get you the info.

Areas of Interest
Here we provide a small snapshot of the various areas to explore.
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Gold Country (Northern California) - More Info

High Rollers - More Info
California is home to some of the finest gambling casinos in the United States. Not only do some offer various gaming fun, they also feature spas and award-winning dining. Thunder Valley Casino and Resort is located a short drive from the hotel.  A complimentary shuttle bus operates between Holiday Inn Downtown Arena and Thunder Valley. For additional information on area casinos visit the High Rollers page.

Lake Tahoe - More Info
Lake Tahoe is a gem with year-round actitivities. It's one of the clearest fresh water lakes you will find. Locakes in the Sierra Nevada Miuntains, It's known for beaches, ski resorts and gambling. You have 4 shores to the lake with different activities and fun things to do in each area. You may recall the TV show Bonanza. Much of it was filmed on the east shore of the lake. Until a few years ago, you could visit the original Bonanze set. On the Nevada side of South Shore you will find some large casinos with gambling, food and entertainment. A short ride east takes you to Carson City, Nevada. Just outside Carson City is a road that leads to the old western town of Virginia City. Lake Tahoe is a great place to visit year round.

Monterey - More Info
Monterey and Monterey Bay, a fantastic place to relax and spend some time. From the World Famous Monterey Bay Aquarium, to great clam chowder at Fisherman's Wharf to the 17 Mile Drive and great golfing, the Monterey Bay si just great.

Sacramento - More Info
Sacramento is the state capital of California. The 2018 National Meeting is being held adjacent to Old Sacramento where there are lots of things to do. Sacramento has several nice museums in addition the California State Railroad Museum. 

San Francisco and San Francisco Peninsula - More Info
Thousands of tourist travel from around the world to visit San Francisco. It's difficult to find words to describe San Francisco. It's hilly and sets at the edge of the Pacific Ocean. If traveling to San Francisco, even in August, it's best to dress in layers and have a jacket with you. Mark Twain was quoted as saying the coldest winter he ever spent was the summer in San Francisco. While the weather varies day to day, there are lots of things to do in and around the city.

San Francisco Bay Areas (North, East and South - More Info

Travis Aero Club - More Info
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Travis Marina - More Info
Travis AFB - Travis Marina - Located on San Francisco Bay at Sausalito

Wine Country - More Info
When many people think of California, they think of wine - and rightfully so.  Most think of Napa and Sonoma, However, California is blessed with great weather and good soil for growing wine grapes. The state is divided into a number of appelations which are specific geopgraphic and legally protected growing areas. If you're open to exploring and tasteing some of the greatest wine produced in the world, check out the various wineries throughout Northern California. You could stay here a year and probably not be able to visit all of them. Many offer wine tasting plus areas to picnic or event restaurants.

Yosemite - More Info
Ansel Adams made Yosemite National Park and Yosemite Valley famous. It's simply a breathtaking experience to travel into Yosemite Valley and see the towering and majestic granite clifts and powerful waterfalls.